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Attention Edu-Track Home School Users!
$10 Coupon Offer!

Submit Your Lesson Plans for
a $10 Coupon!

Everyone knows that the most time-consuming aspect of using the Edu-Track software is inputting those lesson plans! Even using Edu-Track's time-saving Repeating Activity feature, it still takes a bit of time to create entries for those daily lessons, reviews, quizzes, tests, etc. With and ONLY with your help, we should be able to mostly ELIMINATE this part of the planning process for those that use standard curriculum.

Our plan to accomplish this is very simple. We need every Edu-Track user that has ever typed in a lesson plan for any standard curriculum to RIGHT NOW export that course using Edu-Track's built-in File/Export Lessons/Activities.... feature and then submit the exported plan to us using our lesson plan upload form located at: Upon receipt, we will verify, clean up, and "sanitize" the plan by removing children's names, etc.

Once we have completed this process, we will post the cleaned-up version of the plan and allow it to be purchased, downloaded and easily imported into any child's schedule in the Edu-Track software. With your help, we hope to ultimately have a fairly complete list of all major curriculum available to help everyone perhaps completely eliminate the need to manually enter lesson plans!

For your plan to be accepted into the repository, you must be the first one to contribute the lesson plan for that particular curriculum/subject/grade-level/year (or your plan must be significantly better...e.g. more detail than what was submitted by another person, newer, etc.), and your plan must encompass the entire subject for that grade-level or otherwise be as complete as necessary for that particular Subject/Course/Grade-Level. The more current and the more detail in the plan, the better, but we'll even accept plans created with Edu-Track's Repeating Activity feature as long as the appropriate addl. quizzes, tests, reviews, and any other required "to-do's" as described in the curriculum were added to the Edu-Track lesson plans before you send them. If someone other than you can purchase the current curriculum for their children and then use the lesson plan detail you will submit to follow right along with the curriculum, you know that you will be submitting a good plan!

$10 Coupon for EVERY Accepted Great Plan
$5 Coupon for EVERY Accepted Good Plan

To show you we're serious about completing our Lesson Plan repository, for a limited time (so hurry!), we will give you a $10 coupon for each and every Great plan that is submitted and accepted into the repository. Submit 3 good plans that are accepted, get $30 in coupons, and so on. Accepted plans with not a lot of detail, plans that cover < 1 year, and niche curriculum plans with limited use will still be worth a $5 coupon (sorry - our judgment on what is a good plan vs. a great plan is final on this one!). Do not submit incomplete lesson plans (that cover only part of the curriculum) or any other plan not tangibly beneficial to other Edu-Track users as these will not be accepted. Also, do not submit plans that are not substantially better than the ones already listed in our repository (view the sample plan for that curriculum that we have to make the judgment if your plan is substantially better).

You will be able to use your coupons to discount (or get for free!) up to the amount of your combined coupons for all lesson plans and unit studies currently in the repository.

Also, If you have good UNIT STUDY entered into Edu-Track's Unit Study feature that you would like to share, use the Export feature on the Unit Study screen and submit them - accepted plans will receive the same incentives ($10/$5 coupons/lifetime upgrades) as those who submit lesson plans. With your help, we hope to have a large repository of Unit Studies available for download soon!
Ready to participate and get your coupons? Then follow these steps to submit a Lesson Plan:
  1. Review your Lesson screen in Edu-Track for a plan you entered that covers a standard curriculum. Note the child, the Subject & Course, and the lesson detail start/end dates. Verify the plan is complete and would benefit another Edu-Track customer who may be using that curriculum for their child.
  2. Under Edu-Track's File menu, choose Export Lessons/Activities... (note that if this option is not there, you have an old version of Edu-Track. You can either upgrade your Edu-Track to a newer version, or send us an Email at and we will provide instructions for you to send us your database and we will do this export for you).
  3. Double-click on the Export Range date fields and set a start date/end date according to the notes you made in Step #1 above.
  4. Under Student, select the proper child with the lessons you want to submit.
  5. Under Subjects, select the subject of the lessons you want to submit (select only 1!).
  6. Under Courses, select the course for the lessons you want to submit (select only 1!).
  7. Under Export File Description, type a short description of what the lesson plan is (e.g. Saxon Math 7/6, 2004 edition).
  8. Click the Export Activities button (you will receive a notice of how many activities to be exported). Click Yes to continue.
  9. Choose a folder on your hard drive, and then type a file name (e.g. LessonExport1) and then click Open. You should receive a confirmation that the export was successful.
  10. Launch your browser and go to this website address: (or simply click on this link)
  11. This form is password protected, so in the Upload Name field type etlp and etlp in the Upload Password field:
    Upload Name: etlp
    Upload Password: etlp
  12. Then, on the form,
    Enter your Full Name ([FirstName] [LastName])
    Your City/State ([City], [State])
    Your Customer ID ([CustID])
    ...and then use the other field descriptions to fill in information for the other fields.
  13. On the last field, the Lesson Plan & Unit Study Upload File, click the Browse button and find/open the lesson plan export file you created in Step #9 above.
  14. Verify that you have entered information in all mandatory fields and your information is as complete as you can make it, and then click the Upload Lesson Plan button.

    Do NOT close your browser or leave the page until you receive your confirmation that the plan was uploaded successfully!
  15. Wait for us to validate your submission (it may take us anywhere from a day or even up to 2 weeks). Once validated and accepted, you will receive an Email from us along with your appropriate coupon code(s).
  16. Repeat this process for all your other lesson plans.

If you want to submit a Unit Study that you have entered, do the following:

  1. Open the Unit Study feature.
  2. Click the Export button at the top of the Unit Study screen.
  3. Select the Unit Study you want to submit.
  4. On the right-side, click the yellow folder, choose a path, and then enter a filename for your study and click the Save button.
  5. Click the Export Unit Study button and confirm that the export was successful.
  6. Close the form, and then start with Step #10 above to submit the study to us.
Thank you again for your support - we look forward to serving you, our valued Edu-Track Home School customers!

Edu-Track and the Edu-Track logo are trademarks owned by ConTECH Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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