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Edu-Track Home School (CD)


This option is for a single family that has never purchased our software or demo CD in the past.  Your purchase of this product includes the Edu-Track Home School installation CD, license, registration code, and comprehensive electronic help.  You can use the Edu-Track software for your own family for a lifetime of usage for all of your children on any/all of the computers your family uses. Your registration code will be automatically sent via EMail 2 weeks following your purchase to allow you an evaluation period to preview the software.  After your purchase, you can also waive the remainder of your evalution period and request your code early by sending an EMail requesting your registration code to

Use the "Lesson Plans" link to the left to order the Edu-Track-formatted lesson plans/assignments for the curriculum you use for your children.  The lesson plans can be downloaded immediately following your order.

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