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Apologia Biology (Style 2)


Lesson Plan/Unit Study Name: Apologia Biology
Subject Area: Science LPs
Grade Level: High 9-12
Curriculum: Apologia Biology
Sample Lesson Plan:
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Supplies You Need:
  1. Apologia "Exploring Creation with Biology" text/Student Text, 2005 - 2nd Edition
  2. Dissection kit
  3. Microscope.

Description: Lesson plans in Edu-Track format according to Apologia Biology, 2nd Edition 2005. Sets out daily reading and homework assignments, including experiments and "on your own" work, also includes study and test days. This plan covers modules 1 - 16, the entire text.

Sample Daily Lesson Plan in Edu-Track: Click here to View

(Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view sample lesson plans - go here for free download if you cannot view/open this sample Daily Lesson plan:

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