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A Beka Biology


Lesson Plan/Unit Study Name:
A Beka Biology
Subject Area: Science LPs
Grade Level: High 9-12
 A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation"
Sample Lesson Plan: Click here to View

Supplies You Need:

  1. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Student Text
  2. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Teacher's Guide
  3. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Lab Manual
  4. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Lab Manual Teacher's Key
  5. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Test/Quiz Book & Answer Key
  6. A Beka Biology "God's Living Creation" Lab demonstrations DVD

Description: Lesson plans for according to A Beka Biology. Truly nonevolutionary in philosophy, spirit, and sequence of study. The text begins with the familiar, tangible things of nature and it ties abstract concepts to concrete examples. Key concepts are listed at the head of each chapter. Study objectives are included for each chapter section to involve students as active learners and help them prepare for class. A set of TransVision overlays of the human body show at a glance the anatomical relationships of the body's systems. The text reflects the latest advances in man's understanding of living things without neglecting a foundation in the basics.

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