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Notgrass - Exploring World History (Style 1)


Lesson Plan/Unit Study Name: Exploring World History
Subject Area: Social Studies LPs
Grade Level: High 9-12
 Exploring World History by Ray Notgrass
Sample Lesson Plan: Click here to View

Supplies You Need:

  1. Exploring World History 1 & 2 by Ray Notgrass
  2. Exploring World History Quiz & Exam Book
  3. Bible
  4. Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
  5. The Cat of Bubates by GA Henty
  6. Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare
  7. The Imaitation of Christ- Thomas a Kempis
  8. Here I Stand- Roland Bainton
  9. Pilgrim's Progress- Hohn Bunyan
  10. A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
  11. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin
  12. Eric Liddell: Pure God- David McCasland
  13. The Hiding Place- CorrieTen Boom
  14. Animal Farm- George Orwell
  15. The Abolition of Man- CS Lewis

Description:  Edu-Track formatted Lesson Plans as prescibed by the curriculum. This lesson plan assigns the lesson number to do in Ray Notgrass's Exploring World History- World History, Literature and Bible. The lessons in the book give literature and writing assignments each week along with Bible reading and have a textbook style history lesson. Each week also includes a grammar point. The lesson plans assign dates for quizes and quarterly exams. Exploring World History Notgrass Company 370 South Lowe Ave, Suite A PMB 211 Cookeville, TN 38501 1-800-211-8793 Copyright 2007.

Objectives: 1. Student will understand history from the perspective of faith in God and respect for His Word by studying ancient history that focusues on old testament Israel, the life of Jesus, and the first century church. 2. Student will make the connection between spiritual issues related to world issues through Bible studies. 3. Student will learn about events, issues, and people from Creation, ancient cvilization, the Middle Ages, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, through modern times, with lessons on the fall of Communism in Europe, terrorism, and recent developments in technology. 4. Students will enjoy learning history through the words of people who made it as they read original documents and speeches, short stories, poetry and classic, faith-building literature set in places around the world. 5. Students will write a 2-3 page paper during each unit (about a week) by choosing from a couple different topics/writing ideas. 6. Students will earn 3 full credits in the high school subjects: World History, English and Bible

Sample Daily Lesson Plan in Edu-Track: Click here to View

(Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view sample lesson plans - go here for free download if you cannot view/open this sample Daily Lesson plan:

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