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BJU Cultural Geography


Lesson Plan/Unit Study Name:
 BJUP Cultural Geography
Subject Area: Social Studies LPs
Grade Level: High 9-12
Curriculum: BJUP Cultural Geography
Sample Lesson Plan: 
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Supplies You Need:
  1. Bob Jones Cultural Geography Teacher's Edition
  2. Bob Jones Cultural Geography Student Activities Manual
  3. Bob Jones Cultural Geography Student Text
  4. Bob Jones Cultural Geography Tests & Answer Key

Description: Edu-Track formatted lesson plans based on Bob Jones University Press™ curriculum. Cultural Geography 9 (3rd ed.) surveys the principles of geography through a regional approach. Students will "travel" from continent to continent around the world studying the geography, cultures, land forms, climates, resources, economy, religions, and government of each country. This new edition is filled with photographs, charts, maps, and first-person accounts that make this "virtual world tour" an exciting and stimulating exploration of world geography and culture.

Sample Daily Lesson Plan in Edu-Track: Click here to View

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