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UPDATES & UPGRADES (Edu-Track Home School)

Your Edu-Track Home School application can be Upgraded and/or Updated with the latest revisions to the application.  From time-to-time, we will post Updates to the application to fix any bugs or usability issues that are discovered. Please contact if you experience any difficulty/errors with the program and a link will be provided to download the appropriate update to correct the problem.  Upgrades will add new features and functionality.  Please do read the instructions carefully before downloading and installing any update or upgrade.

To check what version of Edu-Track Home School you are running, follow these steps (it is very important that you know which version you have before downloading an Update or Upgrade!):

  1. Launch Edu-Track Home School
  2. Select the menu option Help, and then choose Edu-Track Info.
  3. Look for the Edu-Track Version of the program you are currently running.
    (if you are running the latest release, also click the [App History] tab to 
    see what the latest date of the version you have installed.)
Updates Upgrades
(bug fixes) (new features)

If no menu links appear under the Updates and Upgrades, either your browser does not support JAVA, you have this feature disabled under your options, or you have a firewall that is blocking JAVA script from running.  Consider enabling this feature as many of our website's features (and most of the websites on the internet) use JAVA menus, including all the buttons at the top of our website.  If you don't want to enable JAVA scripts, you may contact by EMail for inquiry (please include the version of Edu-Track you are currently running).

Edu-Track Home School uses a "cumulative" upgrade system - the latest upgrade contains ALL the revisions to bring your version of the software up to the current release level. User ID's and passwords to download the updates and upgrades are distributed via Email to registered Edu-Track Home School customers only.  You must be enrolled in the subscription plan to receive a Upgrade at no additional cost.  

We contact all registered customers when an update becomes available.  If you did not receive a notification via Email, we either have an invalid/old Email on file for you, or our message went to your SPAM/Bulk folder.  Please contact us with your new Email, and allow all messages from to come through to your inbox.


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