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Edu-Track Home School for Handhelds

 Products Edu-Track Home School (Handhelds) Feature Overview


Go Anywhere with Edu-Track Home School for Handhelds!

Edu-Track for Handhelds interfaces seamlessly with any Palm compatible handheld and most Pocket PC devices.  A first for Education and a must for today's busy educators!

"Keep On Track With Edu-Track"

for Handhelds!

Edu-Track Home School for Handhelds is a companion product to Edu-Track Home School.  This add-on application for handheld device allows you to Home School anywhere by taking your lessons and assignments with you wherever you go; completing them with your students at your leisure.  This application also allows you to journal and create new activities for every student while away from your PC.  A simple HotSync is all it takes to transfer your data to/from your handheld device.


Two different data entry views are available to satisfy all users.  The application can walk you through completing a record field-by-field, or adjust your entries all from a single page! 

Download lessons and assignments entered on the PC to all instructor and student handhelds.  Students get just their lessons and assignments while instructors see data for all students.

All configuration is done on your PC.  Every time you HotSync, all changes you have made to your configuration data automatically transfer to your handheld device.

Tap to adjust your time, add notes, enter new activities, and simply HotSync to transfer all data back to your PC - no graffiti required to add or modify data using the pop-up keyboard.

A lesson/assignment review screen is available providing an organized list of lessons and assignments at a glance.

Control security to limit features on your student handheld devices.  Instructor devices maintain full privileges.

Lessons and assignments can be marked as completed with a simple "tap."

A single license allows you to install Edu-Track for Handhelds on all devices used in your family.

Powerful search and sort features allow you to quickly find any previously entered data. 

Pop-up pick-lists make entering data a single-tap process - creating an entire record takes just a few seconds!

Easily track your graded assignments, test, and quiz scores - every lesson and assignment can be graded using a point-scale if desired.

Data is retained on your handheld device until you choose to upload it to your PC giving you total flexibility and control of your data.

All of your data is backed up for protection every time you HotSync your handheld device.

Students will love seeing and completing their own assignments right from their own handheld.

You can also use your handheld device to journal or log what you do everyday.

...and more!


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