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Edu-Track Home School (PC)

 Products Edu-Track Home School (PC) Additional Features



The premier home school record keeping and lesson planning software!


More Features...

..and More Features...

Lessons can be downloaded to
your handheld with the optional
Edu-Track for Handhelds feature.

Lesson "Auto Copy" feature speeds entry of a new lesson by carrying
forward information from the previously entered record.

Easily "bump" the date for any number of lessons using your + (plus) and - (minus) keys.

A "Right-Click" repeat feature can turn any lesson into a repeating event to speed entry of lessons.

"Auto Complete" feature lets you define shortcuts to avoid repetitive entry of information (e.g. typing 
"SM" could automatically expand to
"Saxon Math Lesson #__").

Choose to optionally grade any lesson by simply entering the points scored vs. points possible - use a multiplier to easily weight tests separate from daily work.

Quickly switch back and forth between students and years using a simple drop-down selector.

Add unlimited notes and comments to each lesson, activity, unit study, and unit study activity.

You can select a range of lessons or activities for bulk operations like copy and delete.

1-Click data backup & restore.

Easily create repeating events by
day, week, month, etc.

1-Click attendance screen can automatically update from lessons

Add graphics, clipart, sounds, other documents, short videos, hyperlinks, program links, category links, and more to the Teacher's Journal.

Drag and drop a journal category onto another journal category to make a sub-category hierarchy.

The Teacher's Journal feature has a complete built-in word processor functionality. 

Press F7 to quickly perform a spelling check of the current entry (or the entire record database).

A "Filter" option on the Lesson entry screen lets you limit the records you see by a specific date, subject, course, activity, etc.

Option settings allow you to customize which subjects, courses, and achievements show up on the student's report card and transcript.

[F1] help on every screen provides
comprehensive help if and when
you may need it.

View a new Tip-of the Day Help 
topic each day.

Edu-Track can be used to track an unlimited number of students for an unlimited number of years.

Edu-Track includes 20+ forms that you can print and have your student fill-in (from book reports to internet research reports & everything in-between).

Edu-Track's reporting feature can produce a periodic table of the elements and even lined writing paper.

Print over 20 customizable awards and certificates in seconds or use the templates to design your own. 

A powerful "Find" feature to help you quickly locate a previously entered record.

We frequently enhance Edu-Track based on the feedback we receive from our user community via Emails sent to  

Support is handled through EMails sent to which is checked frequently throughout the day.

Installation Wizard makes the
installation process easy.

Setup Wizard allows you to
configure and personalize the
Edu-Track software.

Screens for customizing subjects,
courses, school demographics,
instructors, students, mission,
grading scale, school year, state
requirements, security, and more.

Attach any number of files or scans
to any activity - great for capturing
student-completed work and attaching templates, quizzes, etc.

The lesson entry screen provides a continuously updated progress overview without requiring you to run a report.

Edu-Track automatically calculates grade percentages, letter grades, GPA, and credits.

Producing a report card and transcripts is as easy as running a report.

Report cards can even be produced in fold-over booklet format using your existing printer without any special setup or configuration.

Lesson plans can be printed for a single student (or all students combined) by day, week, month, or any period you select.

Lesson plans can optionally print with extra spaces to allow you to hand-write in spur-of-the-moment activities.

A "Right-Click" duplicate feature lets you instantly make a copy of any record.

Copy any number of lessons from one student to another.

A "Go..." feature and screen "Buttons" to quickly take you to any entry screen.

An "Undo" feature helps you in the event of a entry mistake.

The pop-up calendar, pop-up time
entry and pop-up calculator make
entering dates and times fast.

Records displayed on most every screen can be quickly sorted by clicking on the column headings.

Unit Studies can duplicated with 1-Click.  This is important if you have more than one child and desire a "slightly" modified study of one you have already created.

The Unit Study module has a convenient "Print" feature that produces an organized view of the study.

Unit Studies can be categorized by "Grade Level" to identify the grade appropriateness of the study.

Unit Studies can be transferred to
and from other Edu-Track users.

Unit Study activities can be quickly copied to a Student's lesson plans.

The "Supplies" tab can also be used to track grocery lists.

The "Borrows & Loans" tab can also be used to track library books.

Produce beautiful chore charts that you can post prominently.

The "Goals" tab can be used to track both teacher and student long/short term goals.

A powerful "Search and Replace" feature to quickly update the entire database with a comprehensive change.

Updates to the software are posted frequently to our website for download.

Use our website Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions quickly - approximately 100 tips and tricks are currently posted.

Sorry!  We would add more but we ran out of apples!  :~)

We hope you will give Edu-Track Home School a try - we are sure you'll love it, but just
in case it doesn't work for you, we do offer a 14-day unconditional money back guarantee.
Order today - you have nothing to lose by trying this software and a lot to gain!


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