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Edu-Track Home School (PC)

 Products Edu-Track Home School (PC) Get Organized


The "hub" of the Edu-Track Home School software, the Lessons & Activities screen will save you time, improve your accuracy, and take the chore out of lesson planning and tracking your student's progress.



Save time, be more accurate, and take the chore out of lesson planning and tracking your student's progress.

Gain confidence by tracking all intended coursework using any curriculum you choose.

Enter unlimited lessons, activities and attachments, track your hours, and grade assignments on one simple screen.

Instantly view each student's progress for user-defined subjects, courses, grade-level, and core vs. non-core studies.

Easily copy any number lessons and activities from one student to another, or from week to week on the same student.

Edu-Track Home School automatically summarizes hours, grades, percentages, credits, and Grade Point Averages.

Instantly switch between students and the school year using a simple drop-down selector.

Sort entries by any field by simply clicking on the column heading to sort by the chosen field. 

You can find any data quickly by using Edu-Track's powerful search feature to find that "lost" record.

Post test/quiz results using a simple points & points possible grading system.

Easily bump dates for any number of activities at once.

Attach any number of files of any type to any activity record.

You won't run out of room adding notes and comments using Edu-Track's unlimited pop-up note entry screen.

Quickly select your date using Edu-Track's user-configurable Pop-Up Calendar.

Track lesson completion by checking off when lessons are done - configure your own colors to show completion.

Create a repeating activity out of any lesson using the right-click option menu.


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