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Edu-Track Home School (PC)

 Products Edu-Track Home School (PC) Teacher's Journal (Daily Journal)


Edu-Track's latest version has a new feature called the "Teacher's Journal."   We can't even begin to tell you how useful an organizational tool this can be.  Two years from now, Edu-Track users will still be thinking of new and creative ways to use this feature!  The Daily Journal allows you to create and organize your entries by day while the File Cabinet feature allows you to freely create and organize your entries by categories that you define.

Teacher's Journal (Daily Journal)

How many ways can you imagine using the Teacher's Daily Journal?

Create a teacher's "diary" of your daily thoughts and ideas.

Create to-do lists for a given day - add to them at any time.

Use this alternative method to lesson plan by day.

Create a daily journal.

Track your daily progress.

Track your projects
by day.

Create quick daily notes.

Create daily devotionals
and scripture readings.

Enter daily encounters.

Create pre-defined templates to fill-in at a later time.

Eliminate all your scraps of paper and post-it-notes.

Enter your daily contact and phone notes information.

Track your follow-ups and follow-throughs.

Make a recording of your child's voice each day.

Take pictures and store them daily.

The Teacher's Journal has a feature rich built-in word processor.  Many of the most used features found in high-end word processors costing hundreds of dollars are included - bolds, centers, underlines, choose any font, any size, any color, bullets, create tables, tab stops, copy/paste, drag & drop, ident, 1-click insert of the current date/time, import pictures, clipart, sounds, videos, print documents with one click, save documents in the .RTF format (you can then open in most every word processor), open and categorize saved documents created in other word processors, etc.  

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