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Mary Pride's Complete
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A Practical Homeschooling Book
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Chapter 40: How to Keep Great Homeschool Records

If you own a PC, this home-school recordkeeper might make you feel like you're in hog heaven.  Edu-Track Home School tries hard to include all the best features of other systems while being super easy to use.  It even has a version that works on a handheld organizers, if you're so inclined.

You start by following the ten-step Setup Wizard.  School data, student data, and lessons and activites are all very easy to enter.  A "repeating activities" feature lets you set up hundreds of lessons (e.g. Math at 10 A.M. for a whole semester) in seconds.  Unit studies are provided for: in fact, you can even use one unit study as a template for the next!

What goes in is one thing.  What comes out is another.  In the case of Edu-Track Home School, you can print over 80 built-in reports, including progress reports, activity summaries, lessons & assignments, student data tracking, fill-in forms of all kinds, report cards and diplomas, and dozens of awards & certificates.  Topping it all off is the ability to print very impressive transcripts that include everything a "real" school transcript does.

Search for "lost" records, sort on any category, track hours and attendance, and lots more.  Edu-Track Home School will calculate hours, grades, percentages, credits, and Grade Point Averages for you.  You can instantly view each student's progress for user-defined subjects, courses, grade-level and core vs. non-core studies--a real help in states that require this information.

If you're the type who really likes to keep detailed records, you'll love the Teacher's Journal and File Cabinet features.  Each include a built-in word processor that allows you to bold, underline, tab, import pictures, change fonts, make bulletized lists, and lots more.  The Journal is for creating and organizing entries by day, while the File Cabinet lets you create and organize entries by categories you define.  One suggested use of the File Cabinet: Organize your educational Web links.

When your whole homeschool life is collected in one planner, you'll want to back it up frequently.  Edu-Track Home School even makes this easier, with a "1-Click" backup and restore feature.  You can back up to a hard drive, floppy disk, Zip disk, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, or a network shared disk--it takes about ten seconds.

So, if you have a PC and like to keep very complete records, this software planner is one you should check out.

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