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Edu-Track Home School (PC)

 Products Edu-Track Home School (PC) Repeating Activities


Edu-Track Home School can save hours in lesson planning and documentation using the Repeating Activity feature.  Simple select a course, subject, student, grade, activity (and optionally the amount of time the activity takes).  Next, select a start date & end date, tell the system how often to repeat the lesson, and then let Edu-Track create hundreds of scheduled lessons in seconds!  If you keep to (somewhat) of a schedule, you could create an entire years lesson plans for all of your students in just a few hours!  You can also use the Repeating Activity feature to easily backdate your records so you can start using Edu-Track at any time during the school year.



Quickly generate all activities and assignments for the year that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Choose to automatically skip weekends/holidays - post repeating events to just the days you choose.

Repeating events can be posted to any (and all) students.

Generate repeating assignments by leaving the time field at 0.

Repeating activities and assignments automatically sort and save to the student's journal screen

Easily update and add historic lessons and assignments by backdating the start/end dates. 

Start using Edu-Track at any time during the school year by quickly posting all historic records.

Let Edu-Track automatically increment your lesson numbers/pages to get your courses loaded in seconds!


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