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Edu-Track Home School (PC)

 Products Edu-Track Home School (PC) Reports Student Data Tracking

With Edu-Track's Tracking report type selection, you can quickly get a summarized listing for everything you enter on the Student Data Tracking screens.  Note that these reports can also be accessed directly from the screen you enter your data on.

Simply change your "Report Type" to
Tracking and then choose from a list
of 15 different tracking reports.

Once you select a report, you will be
prompted to select a student.  You can
also select a starting date & ending date
for the report using the pop-up calendar.

Reports can be printed, saved to your
hard drive, EMailed, or exported to your
favorite word processor or spreadsheet.

Literature Report what your student reads: books, articles, short stories...
Videos Report what your student watches: educational videos, taped programs, shows...
Audio Report what your student listens to: educational tapes, phonics, languages...
Software Report computer use: educational games/software, PC curriculum, internet research...
Games Report educational games, extracurricular activities, sports...
Field Trips Report all your field trip details such as event, date, location, duration, description...
Testing Report standardized testing details such as date, assessment, score, details...
Achievements Report your student's achievements, awards, extra-curricular activities...
Goals Report your/your student's short-term and long-term goals and achievement dates.
Curriculum Report the curriculum used in education: subject, title, author, publisher, notes...
Chores Print out a weekly chore chart/to-do list for each of your children.
Loans/Borrows Print out a listing of curriculum, books, supplies, etc. borrowed, loaned, and if returned.
Supplies Print out a listing of the supplies/items needed to run your Home School.
Expenses Print out a detailed categorized listing of all Home School expenditures.
Health Printout a Health and Immunization record for each of your students.

Review all the Different Reports Included With Edu-Track Home School:


Progress Reports

Activity Summaries

Lessons & Assignments



Awards &


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