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Edu-Track Home School

 Products Edu-Track Home School  Testimonials

  Heidi Shaw, Staff Reviewer of the highly respected The Old Schoolhouse magazine has written a wonderful and comprehensive review of Edu-Track Home School.
Click here to read her full review.
Mary Pride is the publisher of Practical Homeschooling magazine and founder of the “Homeschool World” website at www.home–, which currently has over 550,000 visitors a year. Mary Pride is the author of several best-selling books, including The Way Home, and is in much demand as a speaker.  Mary Pride has written a glowing review of Edu-Track Home School and published it in her popular Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling book.
Click here to read her full review.

Edu-Track is a homeschool record keeping and lesson plan software; however, it is so much more.  This program is of very high quality design and the ease of use is increased by the fact that you can always hit F1 for "help".  It would be so easy for parents to prepare for the end of the year portfolio evaluation with Edu-Track.  The professionalism exuded throughout the reports and forms would impress the evaluator and state.  The parent could put to rest any fears of not having done what the state requires as the prompts and information stored includes more than what most states mandate.  Moreover, it would all be available at the touch of a button. The price is very reasonable considering you can use it for all your children and for successive years. 

– Stephanie Scarborough, Educational Success ~ Educational Services,


We recognize that within the home community, word of mouth is absolutely the best advertisement there is!  With thousands of customers in every state and across the sea, we can't thank our customers enough for their unsolicited words of encouragement...

I have never been as impressed with a software package as I am with Edu-Track and your customer service is far and away the best I have ever come across.  I know that you are striving diligently to continue to improve Edu-Track and that too is greatly appreciated.  I loved the program when I first started using it and each update only makes me love it more.  You’ve simplified my days tremendously and that’s saying a lot considering I’m planning and tracking eight students, many using different curriculums, and most at different levels!  Thank you again.

Lori M. (Arizona) - Home School Mom of 8 (9/30/2003)

I am writing you this letter regarding your computer software "Edu-Track."  I would like to compliment your company for producing such a wonderful product.  We began homeschooling in the fall of 2004.  We were looking for a software product that would help us keep accurate records of our students, create reports/transcripts of records (i.e. attendance), & be easy to navigate/understand.  All of these were found in Edu-Track.  This program has given us the freedom to spend more time with our family and a relaxed attitude toward record keeping.  Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product for homeschooling families!

Sandra M. - By Letter (1/20/2005)

Thanks for Edu-Track!

Hello,  I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for developing Edu-track and for the constant updates...I was so blessed by your product! I have three children 9,6, and 3 and I was considering stopping homeschooling this year because I am so overwhelmed by the lesson plans. I am not sure why but my mind cannot organize that way. Anyway, I thought I would go to the conference hoping for God to lead me and encourage me in this venture. I saw your booth and then attended the seminar and I really believe that God placed you and your product into my path for my encouragement to continue to homeschool for the sake of our family and my children.  I really believe the lesson planner and many other unbelievable aspects of your product will bless my family and make homeschooling easier and no so overwhelming for me.. Thank you!!  I will be praying for many blessings for you and your family,

Jenna O. (Missouri) by Email (6/21/2007)

[Edu-Track Home School] is much more sophisticated than [other program] and keeps more info (immunization records, etc.)...Comparing the cost and features of the two, I'd recommend Edu-Track.  The company appears to be genuinely interested in meeting the the scheduling software needs of home educators...

Amy M. - Sonlight Forums (9/8/2002)

Praise for Edu-Track!

I just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with Edu-Track!!.  I am a homeschool mom of three and you have made my record keeping task a dream come true.  No other product compares to yours.  I had tried several other programs before but they were loaded with more problems then features and ease of use.  I can not thank you enough for making such a fantastic product. Thank you again..

Amy (Florida) by Email (12/22/2006)

Thank You!  I love your product.  It has been by life line to homeschooling!

Heidi B. (Virginia) by Email (7/13/2007)

...I am totally impressed!...I highly recommend this software!  It's very easy to use and it is very flexible.  Texas doesn't require me to keep any records.  Our greatest benefit of this software has been how well it has facilitated communication between my husband and I so that he can homeschool and "be in the loop" too.

Andrea (Texas) - Sonlight Forums (9/11/2002)

I'm not required to keep records with the compliance option I choose.  However, now that I have one doing high school work I have started using Edu-Track and I love this.  There are tons of options and ways for keeping track for any method you might use.  You can put in things you have done in the past.  You can make different reports to demonstrate work done.  I really like this a lot.  And the Chore Charts you can make with this are so cute!  I don't get paid for this plug either, I just really like Edu-Track!  You can hot-sync the info with a PDA and that is what my oldest does.  He looks at the Lesson plans on the PDA and does the work and then records what is done.  Makes schoolwork a a bit more fun : )

Kim (Florida) - Doorpost forums post (4/13/2005)

Thank you so much.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt and very helpful responses.  I am so impressed with your customer service!  I have also been so impressed with your PC version of Edu-Track, and now that I am considering a PDA, I wanted to make sure I was choosing one that I could use with your program.

I also wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the Edu-Track program itself.  I have already entered much of my kid's curriculum for this next school year and have already saved hundreds of hours just using the planning portion of the program.  I can't wait to see how much time I will save entering grades and using the other features.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  You have a wonderful product and I am so blessed to have found it!

Ronnea M. (Texas) - (7/26/2004)

Edu-Track has become an invaluable resource to our home school.  I am thrilled with the program and with the hours it is saving me, while it keeps records that are far superior to any year's journaling I have done in the past!!  You can certainly consider me a faithful fan of your product.
Sincerely,  Tamara McLaughlin

Tamara M. by Email (3/4/2005)

I have a copy of [other program] and just got introduced to the Edu-Track program this summer!  I like it more! ... It is alot more flexible to work with...I have been able to move things from past years from one child to another, really easy!  Plus, they have been wonderful to work with! ... It does so many different things than [other product] does.  I am really happy with my new program!

Jackie - VegSource Forums (10/21/2002)

I'm also using Edu-Track and LUV it!  This year was a real challenge for me, and I was literally snowed under with the demands of lesson planning, tracking & record keeping.  I purchased Edu-Track hoping it would help, and WOW did it!  Just two days after I ordered the software, I received it in the mail, installed it, set it up in about 15 minutes (added my own subjects, etc.), and began lesson planning the "electronic" way with the first few minutes after that.  I was able to condense all of my different curricula and subjects into the planner, and had my first week of lessons entered for my three children in under an hour.  Let me just say that I'm still amazed at the number of reports that are possible (I believe around 60!) and the ability to track attendance, field trips, curriculum, books, videos, tests, supplies, software, games, goals, and everything else.  I haven't used all these features yet, but I'm sure I will!  I'm a Unit Study person, so I love the Unit Study screen where I can enter all my studies and then simply "apply" them to my child when the time comes.  I'll give this software TWO THUMBS UP!  I wish I would have been using it sooner...

Sandra S. - Sonlight Forums (9/26/02)

Just a quick note to tell you how I've enjoyed your software.  I've been using Edu-Track for 2 months and I'm wondering how I managed without it!  Your software has saved me hours over the paper planner method I used for the last 4 years.  I have 6 children, and I can complete my lesson planning for the week in about an hour.  Edu-Track has helped me see where I have been slacking in what subjects I'm covering.  Now for the first time I can see what I've done, and what I still need to do.  The reports are wonderful, and thank you for the fill-in forms - they are especially nice...I'm telling all my HS friends about Edu-Track so you should be seeing a lot of orders from CA in the near future.

Sherrie H. (California). - (1/23/03)

Edu-Track software and support *TWO THUMBS UP*...What sold me was how well it was facilitating communication between my dh and I for when he wanted to "do school".  He works overseas for 3 weeks at a stretch and when he comes home, he just has to follow the lesson plan I print out.  The support from the company has been more than outstanding.  When I was trying to get a kink out for using Edu-Track on my Palm, ConTech Solutions called me 15 minutes after I emailed about the problem I was having.  It's a great company!

MNMz (Texas). - Sonlight Forums (9/23/02)

I ordered Edu-Track and LOVE it!

Tina R (Georgia). - (10/22/02)

I absolutely love your program.  You are wonderful people!!  Thank You so much.  I can not express how grateful I am.  The software is a great blessings for our homeschool.  Thank you, thank you so very much for developing exactly what I wanted.

Shae P (Colorado). - (4/14/04)

LOVE my Edu-Track!  I had seen Edu-Track mentioned on MOMYS before but I had paid little attention to it.  Now that I'm starting my new year with my pieced together curricula for five different students on three different tracks I was literally snowed under by the paperwork of lesson planning.  THEN I read Tina's post last week about Edu-Track, followed the link and bought the software.  Two days later, yes, TWO days later, I had the software in my hot little hands.  I purchased the Home-School suite (I wanted to use it on my HandSpring (Palm) too and I wanted the manual and the year of free upgrades) and in ONE weekend I was able to pull all of my different subjects and curricula (Sonlight, Math-U-See for some, Saxon for others, Rod & Staff, Teaching Reading At Home, Simply Grammar, etc.) together, in ONE place, on ONE form, with NO headache!  Since I have three students on similar tracks I was able to make an assignment for one, and bump it to the other two!  I printed out BEAUTIFUL lesson plans and next week will tackle the chore charts!  I'm so excited and energized that you'd think it was the FIRST day of school all over again!  My DC don't know what to make of me!  Thank you Tina for the recommendation let me give it a firm SECOND!

Lorri - MOMYS (9/23/02)

Great customer support! Edu-Track offers a customer "feed back" method that allows the user to suggest enhancement ideas to their program. We have suggested a number of ideas and the staff at ConTECH Solutions implemented all of them on their next release. How refreshing it is to actually see one's ideas get past the suggestion box!

Mike & Angela Y. (MO) - (3/12/03)

I have evaluated ALL the home school software programs available, [other products...], and by FAR the best program on the market is Edu-Track Home School.  I ordered the $5 demo and used it for a week before purchasing the full program. The software is as complete as it is easy.  Lesson planning was easier, there is a place to keep EVERY record - it even tracks health records, HS supplies and expenses, field name it.  I love the report card feature and being able to repeating lessons throughout the year with no fuss.  You can copy records from one child to another easily.  Support was incredible.  I asked a question and received a response in about 10 minutes!  I highly recommend Edu-Track and second Sara's opinion of Edu-Track!

Kristin P. (IN) - VegSource Forums (12/17/02)

I ordered Edu-Track after Tina mentioned it.  I got the demo disk and played around with it for several days.  I previously used [other program].  I am very impressed with Edu-Track and went ahead and bought it.  It is less quirky than [other program].  I can transfer assignments between children with ease (and more than one at a time).  Date bumping forward and backwards is easy.  Tech support is awesome.  I have a Palm Pilot as do two of my children and the software is seamless in its transfer of data.  The kids think it's marvelous.  So much for my commercial.  I love it.

Carol P.- MOMYS (9/19/02)

Dear Edu-Track Support:  I am thrilled with the Edu-Track Home School version that I bought at the [FHE] convention in Kansas City!...Edu-Track is Great and has been a real life-saver with my homeschool recordkeeping!

Michelle M. (Missouri).- (7/22/02)

I absolutely LOVE this software.  I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know!  Thanks for making record keeping easier- and more professional looking.

Connie S. (IL).- (9/20/04)

I really love this software. I have just started using it every day. I will be homschooling my son in kindergarten this year, though I don't have to legally keep record till the 2006 school year, he's ready and I'm ready to jump in and get experience at logging hours. I have tried many different ways based on advice people have given me of tracking hours so far, and your software is the only one that works for me. So, thank you.

Tere S. (Missouri).- (7/26/04)

Dear Edu-Track Feedback:  Thank you for your software... At first I was concerned that it would take me longer to prepare using a computer than my paper planner, but after I started doing my lesson plans in Edu-Track, I found that I was able to cut the amount of time it took me to write out my lesson plans in half!  Now that I have a few weeks of records, it is fun being able to see what I've accomplished.  My husband is so impressed with me when I show him the activity report.  I also like being able to track my reading material and home school supplies.  I haven't used all the features yet, but I know when I do that there will be a place to put my information in!...

Karen T. (Ohio).- (11/7/02)

I am very happy with the [Edu-Track] is a very user friendly program, without reading any directions.  I do plan on purchasing it.

Marie R. (Kansas).- Support EMail (8/5/02)

Wow! Transcript page looks awesome, and just in time for me! My oldest boys (twins) will be seniors in high school this fall!

Lynette C. (Texas).-  (2/7/03)

Hello, God Bless....Edu-Track is working great.  Thanks for adding all the new features that I requested.

Mike Y. (MO).- (3/5/03)

...I am really enjoying my new software!  Edu-Track does everything I expected - I have no complaints!  It really has taken the "chore" out of record keeping (as you said it would!)  I still can't believe what all it tracks for me.  The lesson plans are wonderful - how professional!  I now feel as professional as a public school teacher.  It's nice to finally find a software program that works WITH me for a change...

Pam D. (South Carolina).- (2/9/03)



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